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Corporate / Educational Presentations

Designed for managers of public and corporate catering, as well as catering colleges. This is a 40 minute presentation on special diets, recipes and available products on the market.

Key Benefits

The presentation will cover the following topics:

bulletIntroduction :- Special diets on the increase and why it is important
bulletDetails on main special diets, gluten free, lactose free, cows milk free, additive free
bulletWhat happens to these people if they donít monitor their diets carefully
bulletRecipes / menus suitable for different diets
bulletProducts available on the market

Service Description

A presentation or demonstration can be tailored for any specific area of special diets, to meet the requirements of the audience, such as concentrating on Lactose or Gluten intolerances.  Alternatively a general overview may be required which covers all aspects of special diets.  Please Contact Us to discuss your needs and we will work together to develop the correct presentation or demonstration.

Service Cost

The service has a cost of £220 per presentation or demonstration.

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For more information go to Contact Us, or send mail to, or call us on +44 (0) 7961 434347