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One to One Cooking Demonstrations / Consultancy

Clients will be shown how to facilitate recipes which use ingredients suitable for their special diet / weight loss plan.

Key Benefits

Clients will have a ‘one on one’ consultation assessing their needs, reviewing their current requirements, culinary skills and health status. A one week diet history may be taken at this stage, which will then be processed on nutritional analysis software to highlight any major imbalances with their average nutrient intake.

After the initial consultation, the client will select recipes / types of meals which they are interested in, and these meals will be demonstrated during subsequent sessions. A full weeks menu will be produced along with recipes where necessary. Please note that where a client has a family this will be taken into consideration.

Service Description

There are 5 sessions in this service. Clients can purchase just the initial consultancy (session 1) or all five sessions:

Session 1 - During this session you will initially go through a capability overview.  This is then followed by a verbal questionnaire on current health status and requirements. Two recipes are then given to the client which are suitable for their needs. In conclusion of the session an explanation is given on how a diet history is recorded and assessed. The client is then asked to record a diet history for a week and bring this to the next session.

Session 2 - Review the diet history and analyse any nutritional problems.  Discuss alternative foods which may be used in recipes and how to obtain products. Select desired recipes with client, which will be used for a demonstration during the next session.

Session 3 - Demonstration of two selected products (recipes). Feedback and discussion on  nutritional analysis from the diet history.

Session 4 – Demonstration of a further two more selected products.

Session 5 - Final demonstration of two more selected products and the development of a complete weeks menu.

Service Cost

You can purchase individual sessions at £40 each.  Alternatively you can purchase five sessions at £160.

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For more information go to Contact Us, or send mail to, or call us on +44 (0) 7961 434347