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Diet services for Autism

People with Autism are often intolerant of gluten (a protein in four types of cereal) and casein (a protein found in animal milk).  There are many testaments to the benefit for such people of a diet that excludes these elements.

The Tailormade Diet Company will show clients how to facilitate recipes which use ingredients suitable for the GFCF (gluten Free, casein Free) diet.

Key Benefits

This service is unique as it incorporates product demonstrations tailored to the clients needs.  In particular Autistic children can be very fussy eaters, The Tailormade Diet company have developed a huge range of successful recipes (GFCF) that are easy to make and cheap to prepare.

Service Description

Individual or Five sessions: In a five session cookery course, the client will learn to make pastry, sauces, biscuits, soups, cakes and a few main courses and deserts.  This includes two product demonstrations for each session.

Day Course: Alternately, there is a day course available.  Here, the client receives ten recipe demonstrations of their choice (and of course lunch).  The day starts at 10.30am and finishes at 4.30pm.

Service Cost

Session Costs: You can purchase individual sessions at 40 each.  Alternatively you can purchase five sessions at 160.

Day Course: The day course costs 200.  There is good price reduction for group sessions (maximum of 5 people).

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