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Twin session on alternative products

Clients will have two individual sessions, including a demonstration, which will go through the use of alternative food products in standard and popular recipes.

Key Benefits

The session will cover alternative/ replacement ingredients for recipes. This is particularly aimed at Lactose and Gluten intolerant clients.

Clients will receive advise and guidance on retail outlets stocking alternative food products for special diets. Information on ‘wise’ shopping for a special diet will also be available.

Clients will receive information on additive free cooking / what additives are?

Clients will receive a demonstration of two popular recipes, using alternative food products.

Service Description

This service consists of two sessions:

Session 1 - During this session the client will initially go through a capability overview.  This is then followed by a verbal questionnaire and discussion of requirements. Two popular recipes are then selected, where alternative food products are shown, for demonstration during the next session.

Session 2 - Demonstration of two selected products (recipes). Feedback and discussion on further recipes which may be popular using alternative food products.

Service Cost

The service has a cost of £60.

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