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Food Intolerance Testing Service

Do you suffer from any of these complaints?

PMS    Lethargy    Headaches    Fluid Retention    Skin problems   

Irritable Bowel Syndrome    Muscular Aches    Hyperactive children   

Weight gain    Excessive Mucous    Diarrhoea    Bloating

...... and many other conditions ......

All of these complaints may be helped by our simple but effective intolerance testing service.

The painless test is suitable for everybody from children to the elderly.  Results will be provided during your consultation, which will last approximately an hour. You will receive clear written instructions as to what you should do to improve your well being thereafter.

Service Description

The service consists of two parts:


Intolerance Testing


Vitamin & Mineral Analysis for deficiencies in you nutrition


During the consultation we will discuss and assess the relative importance of your symptoms. The test is simple...You hold a metal rod in one hand whilst the other is touched gently with a pen like instrument - this is measuring your acupressure energy.  At this time we place a homeopathic sample tube into the Vega test machine.


At the end of the test you'll be given a written list of the results along with the suggested way forward.  This could lead to some foods being omitted completely.


When there is a serious intolerance it is possible for you to experience withdrawal symptoms which may last a few days.


Vega Testing is a simple and painless way of testing for food and environmental sensitivities; such as cat, hair and dust mite. As we get older we tend not to absorb or utilise the vitamins and minerals from our food efficiently.


Wouldn't you like to know if you need to alter your diet or take supplements?


The tests are conducted by a qualified and experienced Allergist & Nutritionist.

Service Cost

The cost of the service is 45

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For more information go to Contact Us, or send mail to, or call us on +44 (0) 7961 434347